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Mobile Search Optimization for Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms

Mobile search and mobile websites are some of the newest and hottest items in search engine marketing.  Recent advances in cell phones and cellular networks have resulted in allowing virtually all mobile phone users to access the internet. Mobile phones have very small and low resolution screens as compared to computer monitors.  Additionally, cell phones download data slower than computers and in some cases the mobile phone user is charged by the amount of data that is downloaded.

Normal websites designed for computer monitors are usually graphic intensive.  They also often contain coding and other attributes that are not conducive to ease of use with mobile phones.

Individuals searching the internet with mobile phones will quickly move away from a search result that is taking too long to download or presents a garbled or difficult to navigate result.  Therefore it is imperative that law firms seeking clients that may be searching via a mobile device have a mobile website that is optimized for mobile search.

A perfect example of a firm that needs a mobile website in addition to their normal website is a DUI / DWI law firm.  It is quite likely that potential DUI clients may be searching for an attorney while they are away from their computer and during non-business hours.  By having a highly optimized mobile website, the DUI lawyer will have a better chance that he or she will be found and receive the call.

Mobile websites are not merely “stripped down” versions of your normal website.  The length of the keyword searches entered into mobile devices are typically shorter than computer searches.  Also, these devices typically do not have a mouse or other pointing device, so navigation on the page and from screen to screen, needs to take this into account.  Lastly, mobile websites usually are localized in nature, so they need to be optimized for local search.

PageOneNow builds optimized mobile websites for its attorneys.   In most cases, the mobile website can be integrated into the normal law firm website so that when a searcher attempts to enter the website, the server recognizes whether it is a computer or mobile device and automatically scales to the proper format. 

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